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Mission Statement

RWA’s mission is to promote wireless opportunities for rural telecommunications companies through advocacy and education in a manner that best represents the interests of its membership.

Advocate for Rural Wireless Carriers

RWA is a trade association representing rural wireless carriers who each serve fewer than 100,000 subscribers. RWA’s members have joined together to speed delivery of new, efficient, and innovative wireless technologies to the populations of remote and underserved sections of the country.

RWA’s members provide mobile and fixed wireless services to their subscribers and support the subscribers of larger carriers while roaming in their rural service areas. RWA’s members are small businesses serving or seeking to serve secondary, tertiary and rural markets. Our membership is comprised of both independent wireless carriers and wireless carriers that are affiliated with rural telephone companies.

Supporting Rural America, Strengthens All of America – Advocacy. Education. Relationships.

Board of Directors

John Nettles, President
John Nettles, PresidentPresident, Pine Belt Wireless (AL)
Jake Baldwin, Vice President
Jake Baldwin, Vice PresidentGeneral Counsel, Bravado Wireless
Chris Townson, Secretary
Chris Townson, SecretaryCEO, DTC Communications (TN)
Mike Higgins, Jr., Treasurer
Mike Higgins, Jr., TreasurerGeneral Manager, West Central Wireless (TX)
Jana Wallace, President Emerita
Jana Wallace, President EmeritaCEO, Panhandle Tel. Coop. (PTCI) (OK)
Eric Cramer
Eric CramerPresident and CEO, RiverStreet Wireless (NC)
Mike Laskowsky
Mike LaskowskyNetwork Operations Manager, United Wireless (KS)
Kelley Dunne
Kelley DunneCEO, Novation (VA)
George Woodward
George WoodwardPresident & CEO, Trilogy Networks, Inc. (CO)
Bert Potts, Ex Officio
Bert Potts, Ex OfficioWireless Manager, STRATA Networks (UT)
Mike Kilgore, Ex Officio
Mike Kilgore, Ex OfficioCEO, Sagebrush Cellular/Nemont (MT)

Our Team

Carri Bennet
Carri BennetGeneral Counsel
Michele Giroux
Michele GirouxChief Operating Officer
Stephen Sharbaugh
Stephen SharbaughLegislative Counsel
Ryan Gillcrist
Ryan GillcristRegulatory and Policy Intern

Standing Committees

The Public Policy Committee is tasked with assessing the impact of legislative and regulatory policy developments that stand to affect the operations of small, rural wireless carriers. This committee helps shape the association’s legislative and regulatory agendas and public policy initiatives in order to better serve the associations’ members.

  • John Nettles, Pine Belt – Chair
  • Amit Ancikovsky, Ceragon
  • Jim Brake, Ceragon
  • Justin Brewster, Pioneer
  • Jake Baldwin, Cross Wireless
  • Matthew Dostal, EBI Consulting
  • Chad Duval, Moss Adams
  • Cameron Galbraith, Sitetracker
  • Katie Heyl, Baicells
  • Lynn Merrill, Monte R. Lee & Company
  • Bert Potts, STRATA Networks
  • Francisco Sant’Anna, Ciena
  • Boun Senekham, Baicells
  • Jeff Smith, Vantage Point
  • Jerry Tilley, Nemont
  • Jana Wallace, PTCI/ Panhandle
  • Kelley Wells, PTCI/ Panhandle

The Education Committee guides the association in assessing its members’ educational needs. The committee provides educational briefings and resource recommendations to RWA’s members on technical, financial, operational, and marketing matters. The Educational Committee also serves as a clearinghouse for instructional material and educational webcasts that serve to inform RWA members about revenue generating opportunities and/or cost saving methodologies.

  • Chris Ruhl, Cross Wireless- Chairperson
  • Jake Baldwin, Cross Wireless – Board Liaison
  • Jim Brake, Ceragon
  • Brett Chester, Sitetracker
  • Anuja Chaand, Federated Wireless
  • Kimberly Curley, Novation
  • Renee Ernster, Copper Valley
  • Dave Fritz, Nokia
  • Clayton Fulton, Cross Wireless
  • Grif Griffin, West Central Wireless
  • Max Hahn, Baicells
  • Katie Heyl, Baicells
  • Dave Kirk, t3 Broadband
  • Curtis Knobloch, Telispire
  • Alan Lewis, Hyde Company
  • David Mould, Ericsson
  • Howard Sears, NetNumber
  • Boun Senekhen, Baicells
  • Bob Stone, Baicells
  • Jana Wallace, PTCI/ Panhandle

RWA is a member-driven association and our annual membership investments are the primary funding source for RWA’s powerful and successful advocacy. The purpose of the committee is to increase our membership base, generate ideas for and activate new member services to continue to strengthen our association.

  • Kelley Dunne, Novation, Co-Chair
  • Lynn Merrill, Monte R. Lee & Associates, Co-Chair
  • Eric Cramer, RiverStreet Wireless, Board Liaison
  • Ginny Gardea, Vantage Point
  • Todd Houseman, United Wireless
  • Dave Kirk, t3 Broadband
  • Dennie Mecham, Strata Networks
  • Patrick Rhyne, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Roger Schmitz, Telsasoft
  • Tanya Sullivan, PlusOne

The purpose of the Technology Committee is to assist the carrier membership in its ongoing efforts to advocate for just and fair opportunities within the regulatory and legislative processes, by providing the various and often detailed non-legal inputs needed to support the association’s FCC, Congressional and Administrative Agency filings.

  • Mike Laskowsky, United Wireless – Chair
  • John Baker, Mavenir
  • Jim Brake, Ceragon
  • Christopher Crowe, t3 Broadband
  • Rob Falkner, t3 Broadband
  • Griff Griffin, West Central Wireless
  • Katie Heyl, Baicells
  • Ken Jackson, Federated Wireless
  • Jie Lewis, Baicells
  • Nick Martin, Bravado Wireless
  • Lynn Merrill, Monte R. Lee & Company
  • John Nettles, Pine Belt
  • Chad Norman, Bravado Wireless
  • Amit Patel, Nokia
  • Bert Potts, Strata Networks
  • Howard Sears, NetNumber
  • Bob Stone, Baicells
  • Karpura Suryadevara, Amdocs

Each year, the Nominating Committee issues a call for nominations for vacancies on the Board and associated committees and councils. The Nominating Committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the Board.

  • Bert Potts, Strata Networks
  • Eric Cramer, RiverStreet Networks
  • Todd Houseman, United Wireless

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