RWA Amends Bylaws to Increase Carrier Membership and Expand Opportunities for Board Membership 2023-12-15T17:26:44-04:00

The Rural Wireless Association, Inc. (“RWA”) has changed its bylaws to allow more rural carriers to become voting members and to permit representation on its Board by companies serving on another national wireless association’s board.  RWA carrier members can now have up to 2 million subscribers instead of 100,000 to qualify as a voting carrier member.  Up to two board members can also have another company representative serve on another national wireless trade association board contemporaneously.  “The changes to the RWA bylaws are necessitated by industry consolidation and growth,” noted Chris Townson, CEO of DTC Communications, and newly elected President of RWA.  “As we begin our 2024 fiscal year, we look forward to welcoming more rural carriers into our member-driven, member-run association.”

Those interested in joining RWA should reach out to Michael Dawkins, Chair of RWA’s Membership Committee or Michele Giroux, RWA’s COO.

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