RTG’s Comments Regarding the AWS H Block

RTG, The Rural Wireless Advocate, filed these comments today with the FCC. Congress has instructed the FCC to structure spectrum auctions that promote the dissemination of licenses to small businesses and rural telephone companies. Rural telephone companies, [...]

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RTG’s Spectrum Incentive Auction Comments

The Rural Wireless Advocate calls for the FCC to incentivize auction participation by rural carriers with the proven desire to serve customers who live, work and travel in rural communities RTG agrees that geographic licensing [...]

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RTG’s Reply Comments Regarding Mobile Spectrum Holdings

The Rural Wireless Advocate agrees with the many other mobile wireless providers, trade associations, and public interest groups, who filed comments urging the Commission to severely amend (or outright abandon) its existing policy of reviewing [...]

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RTG Seeks Establishment of Spectrum Cap

Urges FCC To Limit Each Operator to 25% of Available Spectrum at the County Level The following statement can be attributed to Carri Bennet, RTG’s General Counsel: The Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (RTG) applauds the [...]

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Leap Completes Spectrum Swap with T-Mobile USA

Under the agreements, Leap acquired 10 MHz of additional AWS spectrum in Phoenix, AZ and Houston, Galveston and Bryan-College Station, TX to supplement the spectrum Leap currently operates in those markets, among others. Leap and [...]

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FCC moves ahead with airwaves auction

“It is no coincidence that immediately after the FCC scuttled its previously-imposed spectrum caps a decade ago, the mobile wireless industry entered into a phase of hyper-consolidation that has winnowed down the choice of service [...]

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RTG Applauds FCC Push to Curtail Spectrum Consolidation

Incentive Auctions, Combined With a Revision of Spectrum Aggregation Criteria,Will Lead to Greater Competition The Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (“RTG”) is greatly encouraged by the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC or Commission) announcement today that it [...]

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Reps.: More Spectrum Needed to Keep Up with Booming App Economy

"Wireless spectrum is critically important and we need to seek ways to free up additional spectrum," said Subcommittee chairman Mary Bono Mack in her opening statement. To launch all the mobile apps that drive job [...]

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FCC advances TV spectrum selloff plans

Incentive auctions arent the only item on the agenda for the FCCs upcoming open meeting. The Commission will also vote on a proposal to review its policies on how much spectrum can be owned by a [...]

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AT&T in Spectrum Spree to Catch Verizon

AT&T’s purchases, along with Verizon Wireless’s success acquiring cable spectrum, will prevent small and rural carriers from having access to airwaves, Caressa Bennet, general counsel of the Rural Telecommunications Group, a Washington-based trade group for [...]

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