RTG: AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile Will Disrupt White House Rural Council Broadband Goals

Consolidation Reduces Consumer Choice; Deters Large Carriers From Deploying Rural 4G AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile will destroy jobs, frustrate innovation, and thwart deployment in rural America for years to come. President Obama recently signed [...]

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RTG Applauds President Obama’s Wireless Innovation and Infrastructure Initiative

The Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) heartily applauds President Obama’s announcement today introducing the Wireless Innovation and Infrastructure Initiative. In addition to releasing 500 MHz of additional spectrum for commercial use in the next decade, the [...]

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RTG supports President Obama’s pledge to bring next generation high-speed wireless to all Americans

RTG enthusiastically supports President Obama’s pledge to bring next generation high-speed wireless coverage to 98% of all Americans within the next five years. Increasing the availability of mobile broadband services will boost rural economies and [...]

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RTG Applauds Obama Administration Support For FCC Spectrum Plan

Washington, D.C. – The Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (RTG), a trade association representing small, rural wireless carriers, applauds President Obama for issuing a Presidential Memorandum to help unleash 500 megahertz of spectrum for wireless broadband [...]

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