Mobile Competition Study

You Can Win AT&T and Verizon Wireless Customers Download Details Many small, regional wireless carriers face competition with Verizon Wireless (VZW) and/or AT&T. But in most cases you can be successful in your market [...]

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Access To Low-Band Spectrum Is The Key To Wireless Competition

Not all spectrum is created equal. Low-band spectrum – spectrum below 1 GHz – has unique propagation characteristics that make it very valuable to mobile wireless carriers. Carriers refer to this spectrum as “beachfront” spectrum [...]

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RWA Files Data Roaming Comments & Q2 Wireless Metrics

Download the Reply Comments RWA knows how important commercially reasonable wholesale data roaming rates, terms and conditions are to its membership. RWA continues to urge the FCC to provide additional clarification and direction with regard [...]

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AT&T Continues to Shout-Down Any Opposition to its Spectrum Hoarding Quest

RTG Supports Reasonable Limits on the Spectrum Holdings of All Carriers AT&T, Inc. (AT&T) has submitted yet another filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) arguing once again that any proposal suggesting a limit on [...]

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AT&T’s Grab for Leap Wireless Is Anti-Competitive, Anti-Consumer

The announcement over the weekend that AT&T seeks to takeover Leap Wireless (Cricket) is a clear sign that whatever vestiges of competition existed between nationwide carriers and competitive carriers in the past have now all [...]

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AT&T in Spectrum Spree to Catch Verizon

AT&T’s purchases, along with Verizon Wireless’s success acquiring cable spectrum, will prevent small and rural carriers from having access to airwaves, Caressa Bennet, general counsel of the Rural Telecommunications Group, a Washington-based trade group for [...]

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RTG: FCC Approval of Mega-Deal Reinforces VZW/AT&T Duopoly

Competition in Rural America Now Depends on Enforceable Conditions and Specially-Created Complaint Docket The Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (RTG) respects the time the Federal Communications Commission has spent analyzing the complex business arrangements and accompanying [...]

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RTG Urges FCC to Review Verizon Wireless/Cable Company Deals In Tandem With 9 AT&T Spectrum Deals

Click here for the ex parte filed on August 2. In the ex parte, RTG urges the FCC to immediately suspend the informal 180-day review shot clocks for the Verizon Wireless/Cable Company deals until parties [...]

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RTG Supports DOJ Motion to Stay or Dismiss Lawsuit

Judge Huvelle: AT&T “Flatly wrong on the law” The Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) supports the decision by the Department of Justice to file a motion next week to either stay or dismiss its lawsuit to [...]

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RTG Urges FCC to Hold AT&T/Qualcomm Applications In Abeyance

Qualcomm Deal Must Wait Until T-Mobile Deal Fully Resolved Today, the Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) requested that the FCC withhold taking any action on the AT&T/Qualcomm applications pending final resolution of the AT&T/T-Mobile transaction. Earlier [...]

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