AT&T/T-Mobile Merger: Less Investment, Fewer Jobs, And Reduced Innovation (Gerson Lehrman Group)

The financial consequences of the AT&T/T-Mobile transaction and AT&T's proven financial priorities will lead to exactly the opposite outcomes from the benefits AT&T claims it will generate. AT&T's well financed public relations and lobbying campaign [...]

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RTG Continues Growing Chorus of Voices Calling for FCC and DOJ to Deny AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (RTG) filed its reply responding to AT&T’s opposition to RTG’s petition to deny the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger. Since it first announced to the world on March [...]

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RTG Statement Regarding AT&T’s Opposition to Petitions to Deny of its Proposed Takeover of T-Mobile

RTG is surprised by the lack of effort AT&T put forth in its Opposition to defend its service record in rural America. The acquisition of T-Mobile will not give AT&T more reach into rural America [...]

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RTG tells FCC and DOJ to reject AT&T/T-Mobile Merger – “JUST SAY NO”

Washington, D.C. – The Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (RTG) filed a Petition to Deny the AT&T/T-Mobile merger this evening pointing out that this merger will harm competition, stifle innovation and result in tens of thousands [...]

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RTG Statement on the House Judiciary’s Subcommittee Hearing on AT&T’s Takeover of T-Mobile

“Today’s hearing has clearly illustrated how difficult it will be for DOJ and the FCC to approve the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. While approval of the merger might help the short term business interests of AT&T and [...]

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RTG Statement Regarding Representative Conyers’ Concerns on AT&T’s Takeover of T-Mobile

“We applaud Representative Conyers for announcing today his opposition to the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile which would increase prices, limit choice, decrease quality and stifle innovation. As I have said before, November 4, 2008, [...]

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The Takeover Times

Click here for the latest edition of The Takeover Times. In this issue: Our View: AT&T, T-Mobile pose problems; Editorial; USA Today AT&T's T-Mobile Deal May Hurt Competition, Senators Say; Bloomberg In AT&T and T-Mobile [...]

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Broadband Breakfast Club event on AT&T’s Takeover of T-Mobile Gets Heated

RTG's General Counsel, Carri Bennet, let everyone know at the Broadband Breakfast Club event that the fight against this merger will be a "battle to death."  She noted that conditions on this deal are not [...]

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RTG and Others File Joint Reply to AT&T, Qualcomm and Deutsche Telekom Oppositions

RTG, Cincinnati Bell, MetroPCS, NTELOS, RCA and Sprint all jointly replied to the oppositions by AT&T, Qualcomm and Deutsche Telekom to consolidate the proceedings reviewing AT&T's bid to purchase Qualcomm spectrum and to takeover T-Mobile. [...]

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RTG Encouraged by Senate’s Bold Inquiry on AT&T takeover of T-Mobile

Washington, D.C. – The Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (RTG) is grateful to the esteemed members of the Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights for holding a much-needed public hearing on the harms [...]

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