4G Coalition files technical study

The Coalition for 4G in America, of which RTG is a member, filed this technical study in the active 700 MHz dockets. The signatories include: RTG, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, RCA, Xanadoo Company, Access Spectrum and Clearwire. By way of background, on June 14 the FCC released a study entitled “The Public Safety Nationwide Interoperable Broadband Network: A New Model for Capacity, Performance and Cost” (“Capacity Study”). The Coalition for 4G in America applauds the FCC for engaging in a comprehensive analysis of the capacity needs for users of the interoperable public safety broadband networks recommended in the National Broadband Plan. The Coalition supports the FCC’s findings and endorses the assumptions that lead the FCC to conclude in the Capacity Study that 10 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz band can meet the day-to-day capacity needs of the public safety community.

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