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4G Coalition meets with FCC on 700 MHz issues

On August 3rd, the 4G Coalition, of which RTG is a member, met with Chairman Genachowski’s staff, the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and reiterated its position on a number of issues including support for:

  • the FCC’s plan to auction the Upper 700 MHz D Block for commercial use,
  • promoting interoperability across the entire 700 MHz Band to ensure the development of a multiband commercial and public safety device ecosystem in the 700 MHz band, and
  • combining the Upper A and D Blocks to create a 2 x 6 MHz block.

The 4G Coalition also urged the FCC to move forward expeditiously regarding its pending proceedings concerning the D Block and promoting public safety broadband. Please click here and here for copies of the Notices of Ex Parte Presentations.

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