CellCast Technologies’ EAGLE Alerts successfully evaluated by NIMS – able to assist wireless carriers with CMAS testing and implementation

St. Charles, Missouri, July 28, 2010

Contact: Tom Fahy (202) 375-4696

CellCast Technologies, LLC, a global provider of location based solutions for wireless carriers, based in the United States, announces that its product EAGLE Alerts™ 2.0 (Emergency Alerts for Government and Law Enforcement), has been successfully tested and evaluated by the National Incident Management System (NIMS), a division of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“The successful CellCast evaluation by NIMS is significant for wireless carriers and their implementation of CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert Service). The patented CellCast Aggregator/Gateway™ and CellCast EAGLE Alerts™ have the recognized capability to assist wireless carriers with the testing and implementation requirements for CMAS,” said Paul Klein, Executive Vice-President of CellCast Technologies, LLC. “We are very satisfied with the successful NIMS evaluation of CellCast interoperable communications expertise for emergency alert and warning messages. In 2009 NIMS gave a successful evaluation to our CellCast Alert Message Broker stating that it is intuitive, easy to use and reliable.” Klein added, “CellCast is a member of the Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) and the Rural Cellular Association (RCA). Regardless of carrier size, CellCast’s technology can be used to distinguish the carriers, especially the rural wireless carriers, to help them provide emergency alerts and local public notifications to assist law enforcement, public safety and emergency managers.”

The NIMS Evaluation stated: “CellCast EAGLE Alerts™ adheres with all required elements of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), an OASIS standard and NIMS test engineers verified EAGLE’s ability to send and receive CAP messages with the Disaster Management Interoperability Services (DMIS).

EAGLE Alerts™ applies to core NIMS capabilities that address the following: communications; community preparedness and participation; emergency operations center management; and emergency public information and warning. EAGLE Alerts™ was consistent with all the NIMS concepts and principles reviewed.”

CellCast Technologies has successfully participated in several tests and evaluations with the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and NOAA demonstrating their capabilities to assist wireless carriers with CMAS. Additionally, CellCast was selected for the Florida CMAS pilot in 2010, the first state-sponsored CMAS test with a major Tier 2 carrier. CellCast Technologies was named one of the top wireless technology companies in 2009 by Fierce Wireless Magazine.

NIMS Supporting Technology Evaluation Program (NIMS STEP) was established by the federal government to provide an objective evaluation of commercial and government software and hardware products to assist in the implementation of NIMS. NIMS STEP supports practitioners in their decision making during the purchasing and procurement process. The primary benefits to Emergency Management and First Responders include access to reports based on results from an objective evaluation. NIMS STEP uses the SAIC Incident Management Test and Evaluation Laboratory (IMTEL) to conduct evaluations. IMTEL is an A2LA accredited laboratory whose scope of accreditation is the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) suite of standards including the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

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