D Block Dialogue: Need for True Interoperability

After 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, America’s first responders were unable to use their communications devices. Public safety found their networks down and incompatible with the available commercial networks.

After years of failed efforts, we are finally beginning to make headway.

Yesterday, the FCC met to discuss this vital issue facing the public safety community, working to ensure standards are in place to make certain the public safety broadband network is interoperable, nationwide, and that first responders can communicate with one another.

This is a great first step, but true interoperability requires not only that first responders can communicate with one another, but that they can also count on access to the 4G networks that the nation’s carriers are building out. This access to redundant networks is crucial in times of emergency, and will also ensure that first responders enjoy access to the same economies of scale in buying handheld devices as the general public now does. These essentials have been denied to first responders for too long. Public safety deserves the peace of mind that comes with redundant networks and reliable hardware.

About Us – Connect Public Safety Now represents a broad-based group of stakeholders working to ensure the construction of a reliable and cost-effective interoperable network for our nation’s first responders and its citizens. Connect Public Safety Now is a call to the FCC, the White House and Congress to protect the public by building the broadband network that public safety needs – now. For more information about Connect Public Safety Now, please visit us at: www.connectpublicsafetynow.org

Contact: Katie Barr
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