ETC Selects NewCore Wireless for LTE Hosted Solutions

NewCore Wireless, the leading full-service hosted wireless switching provider, announced today that Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) has chosen NewCore Wireless to host elements for its LTE network. ETC is a full-service telecommunications provider serving residents and businesses in Southeastern Indiana.  In addition to its FTTH, VDSL and DOCSIS broadband solutions, ETC operates a 29 site LTE network that provides services to nearly 2,000 rural subscribers. 

Since 2008, NewCore Wireless has provided technology and services to operators, placing emphasis on the expansion and connectivity of the nation’s underserved communities and providing innovative and shared wireless solutions. Leveraging NewCore Wireless’ scale helps Tier 3 carriers like ETC to control costs, improve time-to-market, and expand their services.

“The NewCore Wireless team has combined great vision with next-generation services and technology. These were qualities important to us as we explored a partner to work with,” said Kevin McGuire, COO, ETC. “We are excited to partner with NewCore Wireless to continue providing reliable LTE service and technology that will further drive our innovation and accessibility for our subscribers.” 

Today’s competitive wireless environment creates the struggle for carriers to provide the latest services in a cost-effective manner to their subscribers. Never before has the need for Tier 3 operators to work together been so evident. This partnership demonstrates both the value and opportunity that arise when operators join together to create economies of scale and shared resources such as the network, engineering services, operations and personnel.

“The NewCore Wireless solution will allow ETC to leverage our scale and continue offering LTE to their subscribers,” said Albert Kangas, General Manger and COO of NewCore Wireless. “As we enter 2016, the need for Tier 3 operators and vendors to combine efforts is critical.  Supporting combined services like operations and engineering, we provide cost-effective solutions important for the longevity of our industry. We look forward to working with ETC and the many other Tier 3 operators looking for solutions and seamless efforts to remain competitive.” 

About Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) 

Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) is an aggressively innovative telecommunications provider, delivering the total package of communications, information, and entertainment services through premier technologies, services, and support. Through the years we’ve added many advanced services, including Long Distance, Video, High Speed Internet, Cellular, Business Phone Systems, Security Systems, Web Design and Web Hosting. ETC currently employs over 90 people and has offices in Batesville, Brookville, Greensburg, Liberty and Sunman. To date we provide service to over 13,000 customers in Southeastern Indiana.  For more information, visit us at

About NewCore Wireless

NewCore Wireless is the leading full-service hosted wireless switching provider offering solutions to carriers. Our Switching Platforms are capable of providing 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE) wireless services.  We also provide Value Added Services like SMS, MMS, voicemail, prepaid, E911, CALEA and CMAS that allow small carriers the opportunity to compete on the same level as Tier 1 carriers.  NewCore Wireless was founded in 2008 with the mission of providing innovative technology solutions to rural carriers that deliver scalable, end-to-end solutions.  We offer each of our network partners the flexibility to run their own wireless business without the added expense of the core network.  The company is headquartered in St. Cloud, MN.   For more information, visit

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