Ericsson’s Construction of First US Smart Factory Will Spur Rural 5G Deployment

The Rural Wireless Association is pleased that its associate member, Ericsson, Inc., will be constructing its first fully automated smart factory in the United States. Ericsson’s smart factory will produce Advanced Antenna System radios that will be used for rapid 5G deployment in both urban and rural areas. Ericsson expects the smart factory to be operational by early 2020. RWA has been a staunch supporter of rapid 5G deployment, specifically in boosting network capacity and coverage in rural areas. Ericsson’s new state-of-the-art radios will be instrumental in achieving these goals.

Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks at Ericsson, stated, “We continue to focus on working closely with our customers and supporting them in the buildout of 5G globally and in North America.” Jejdling’s passion to rapidly deploy 5G across the nation will undoubtedly help rural America in its progress to bring 5G to rural customers. RWA appreciates Ericsson stepping forward to help close the digital divide in rural America.

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