Interop Technologies to Provide Wireless Solutions to Chat Mobility and Northwest Missouri Cellular; Core Wireless Solutions to GCI

Hosted MMSC, WAP Gateway, CSC Gateway, and OTA-IVR solutions to support regional operators’ wireless services

Interop Technologies, a provider of core wireless solutions for advanced messaging, over-the-air handset management, and connectivity gateways, announced that Chat Mobility and Northwest Missouri Cellular (NorthwestCell) have selected Interop to provide several hosted solutions, including its Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Gateway, Common Short Code (CSC) Gateway, and Over-the-Air (OTA) device provisioning platform with integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Chat Mobility, based in Emerson, Iowa, is a full-service telecommunications provider serving subscribers in southwest and south central Iowa with nationwide wireless plans. NorthwestCell, headquartered in Maryville, Missouri, offers nationwide wireless service to subscribers throughout a five-county area in Missouri. Selecting Interop’s hosted deployment option helps the regional operators remain competitive with national providers while reducing up-front capital expenditures typically associated with launching new services.

The Interop Technologies MMS solution affordably supports large volumes of multimedia messages, enabling Chat Mobility and NorthwestCell to encourage subscribers to send messages combining text with photos, audio, and video. Coupled with the Interop Technologies feature-rich WAP deck, the operators can create strong, effective branding. With the Interop CSC Gateway, the operators can provide subscribers with hundreds of national offerings, such as ringtones, wallpapers, games, and alerts, through a single point of connection. In addition, they can create local revenue-generating campaigns, such as customer service programs for area businesses, local voting campaigns, and premium fee-based offers from retailers. Chat Mobility and NorthwestCell can utilize the Interop Technologies OTA-IVR system to provide subscribers with fully automated, accurate mobile device activation and configuration 24 hours a day. The powerful SS7-based, IS-683-compliant solution helps reduce costs associated with manual activations and provisioning as the number and complexity of CDMA devices grows.

“By selecting Interop’s industry-leading solutions, we continue our strategy of providing customers with the most innovative mobile technology solutions,” said Brian Spurgeon, General Manager, Chat Mobility. “Working with Interop will enable us to further solidify our strong wireless brand within southwest and south central Iowa.”

“In choosing Interop’s technology solutions, NorthwestCell can continue to offer our subscribers world-class mobile solutions at competitive rates and to provide unparalleled customer service,” said Roger Bundridge, General Manager, NorthwestCell.

“Interop Technologies is very pleased to support Chat Mobility and NorthwestCell in their efforts to provide high quality, competitive wireless services to their customers,” said Fred Farrell, Vice President of North American Sales, Interop Technologies. “We look forward to helping both operators develop new revenue-generating opportunities and further their competitive positions.”

Alaskan provider selects five Interop solutions to enhance wireless service, expand revenue opportunities

General Communication, Inc. (“GCI”) of Anchorage, AK, has selected Interop to provide the mobile network operator with multiple wireless solutions. These include the Interop Short Message Service Center (SMSC), Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Gateway, Messaging Personalization and Control (MPAC) solution, and CDMA Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The operator currently utilizes the Interop Technologies hosted Common Short Code (CSC) Gateway and CDMA Over-the-Air (OTA) provisioning system.

As the largest telecommunications company in Alaska, GCI is known for providing innovative communication services and outstanding customer service to subscribers throughout the state. Interop’s technology will enable GCI to provide multiple messaging and provisioning services that will seamlessly support subscribers on GSM and CDMA networks. In addition, Interop’s solutions will continue to support GCI upon its transition to an LTE network.

GCI plans to launch the Interop solutions in fourth quarter 2012 using a modified-hosted deployment, where Interop manages the solutions but the technology resides at GCI’s network operations center. The Interop SMSC 4 Series is a highly modular, scalable solution that will enable GCI to expand its messaging customer base and deliver 4G messaging services immediately. With the Interop MMSC, the operator can affordably support large volumes of multimedia messages. Combining the MMSC with the Interop Technologies feature-rich WAP deck will enable GCI to create strong, effective branding tailored to its subscribers.

The Interop MPAC solution will provide GCI’s SMS and MMS subscribers with new personalization and control features, such as the ability to copy and forward messages and to block or allow specific phone numbers, email addresses, and domain names. By integrating an IVR with its existing OTA provisioning solution, GCI will gain the ability to offer CDMA subscribers fully automated, accurate mobile device activation and configuration 24 hours a day.

“We are pleased to expand our relationship with GCI, enabling it to further its strategy of providing subscribers the most advanced communication features and value-added services,” said Fred Farrell, Vice President of North American Sales, Interop Technologies. “By offering these solutions, GCI can continue to increase its competitive edge and capture new revenue in the Alaskan market.”

“Working with Interop Technologies enables GCI to rely on a single vendor for our advanced messaging and customer provisioning needs,” said Dan Boyette, Vice President, Wireless Services, GCI. “We have confidence that with its experienced technical staff and strong support capabilities, Interop can help us effectively manage our complex network, enabling us to lend greater focus to our retail activities and our goal of connecting Alaskans.”

About Interop Technologies

Interop Technologies ( is a leading developer of innovative software solutions to support today’s converging communication ecosystem in the areas of advanced messaging, over-the-air handset management, and connectivity gateways. Offering exceptional deployment flexibility, Interop enables operators of all sizes worldwide to launch new mobile services quickly. The company’s future-proof solutions deliver superior reliability and high performance in today’s evolving mixed-generation technology environments. Interop designs, develops, and supports all solutions in-house, providing modular and extremely scalable architecture that makes migration to next-generation technology simple. Interop Technologies maintains its corporate headquarters and a network operations center (NOC) in Fort Myers, FL, with a fully redundant NOC and offices in Dallas, TX.

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