Key Report Finds No Technical Obstacles to Priority Access for Public Safety

When it comes to the ongoing debate over the fate of the D Block, many public safety officials have contended that public safety requirements could not be met in a shared network environment.

Will firefighters and police be able to access the airwaves in times of emergency when commercial customers are trying to use the network? Will the network provide the capabilities that public safety calls “ruthless preemption” during an emergency?

The answer is, unequivocally, YES.

A comprehensive, new study by Roberson and Associates, LLC conclusively determines that no technical obstacles exist to public safety users having priority access to a shared network with commercial carriers. In fact, the paper concludes commercial partnerships offer significant advantages to both public safety officials and wireless customers. Shared 700 MHz LTE networks promote spectrum efficiency, lower costs and increase commercial competition granting public safety organizations increased geographic coverage, faster deployment and state-of-the-art functionality for years to come.

About CPSN – Connect Public Safety Now, of which RTG is a member, represents a broad-based group of stakeholders working to ensure the construction of a reliable and cost-effective interoperable network for our nation’s first responders and its citizens. Connect Public Safety Now is a call to the FCC, the White House and Congress to protect the public by building the broadband network that public safety needs – now. For more information about Connect Public Safety Now, please visit us at:

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