Nemont Telephone Cooperative now providing critical wireless service to the “middle of nowhere”

GREAT FALLS – Good news for the people who live in northeastern rural Montana.  The folks at Nemont Telephone Cooperative are proud to announce that they are now providing critical wireless service to what they are calling “the middle of nowhere.”

KFBB spoke with CEO of Nemont, Mike Kilgore, he said not only will the wireless services be provided to the 20,000 people in northeastern Montana but also to the people that use roaming when they are outside of their network. Kilgore added one of the most critical parts of this service is public safety.

Kilgore said, “heaven forbid that anyone ever has to dial 911 that call cannot be placed without wireless coverage. So we take great pride in the 74 sites that we operate.”

Kilgore said wireless services is one of the most demanded from the company and feels it’s Nemont’s responsibility to provide it.

Watch the news story now.

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