President Biden Signs Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Landmark Legislation Will Spur Ubiquitous and Affordable Broadband, and Lead to Rural Economic Development and Prosperity

Washington, DC – Today, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) into law, clearing the way for rural Americans to receive ubiquitous access to high speed broadband service at affordable rates in an era where broadband connectivity is as essential as electricity.  The new law is a giant step forward for rural America and should allow it to eventually receive 100 percent high-speed broadband coverage, thus finally closing the digital divide.  The IIJA will result in investment of a much needed $65 billion in broadband deployment and adoption across the U.S. with up to $42.45 billion appropriated to states to competitively award grants for qualifying infrastructure, mapping, and adoption projects.

“High speed broadband connectivity in rural areas means our work force can relocate to more affordable areas stimulating rural economic development.  We will also be able to use broadband to increase our food supply using precision agriculture and start bringing off-shore jobs back to the U.S.,” noted Carri Bennet, RWA’s General Counsel. “Through enactment of the IIJA President Biden and Congress have set the U.S. on a long term course to marry high speed broadband and new technology so that we all prosper.”

RWA looks forward to working with NTIA to set the guidelines that the states will follow to implement the broadband deployment and adoption portions of the IIJA.

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