RTG and others submit proposal to permit use of vacant White Spaces

On September 16, RTG, FiberTower, WCAI and Sprint Nextel spoke with Rick Kaplan, Chief Counsel and Senior Legal Advisor to Chairman Genachowski on a number of issues including:

  • a proposal to permit limited fixed licensed use of a limited portion of the vacant White Spaces channels in rural and tribal areas to provide more cost-effective backhaul options;
  • the number and location of vacant TV White Spaces channels across the country that would be vacant even if broadcast stations are “repacked” from the higher to the lower TV Bands;
  • stressing that adopting the proposal now is especially critical and time-sensitive for rural carriers because major build-out deadlines are rapidly approaching in the BRS/EBS, 700 MHz, and other bands;
  • encouraging the FCC to begin authorizing fixed licensed use of a small portion of the White Spaces immediately in rural or tribal areas on a very limited, case-by-case defined or trial basis, including through waivers of the FCC’s rules; and
  • citing the many benefits of licensed use of the White Spaces, including the exceptional propagation features of the band and the availability of low cost, lightweight antennas, which are ideal for the provision of significantly lower-cost backhaul over much longer distances in rural and tribal areas

On September 14, RTG, Sprint Nextel and FiberTower met with Louis Peraertz, Legal Advisor to Commissioner Mignon Clyburn on these same issues.

On September 10, RTG, FiberTower, WCAI, Sprint Nextel and FiberTower met with Charles Mathias, Legal Advisor to Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker on these same issues.

On September 8, RTG, Sprint Nextel, WCAI and FiberTower met with Angela Giancarlo, Chief of Staff and Senior Legal Advisor to Commissioner Robert McDowell on these issues.

Click here, here, here and here for copies of the ex partes.

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