RTG urges FCC to allow fixed, licensed use of TV White Spaces for backhaul

RTG submitted this letter to remind the FCC of the urgent need for affordable backhaul options in rural areas, and to urge the FCC to promptly allow fixed, licensed use of a small portion of the TV White Spaces in rural areas to address this critical issue. Specifically, as has long been suggested in this proceeding, fixed wireless backhaul operations should be permitted on up to six vacant channels, within the range of UHF TV Channels 14-35 and 39-51, that are second or greater adjacent to a TV broadcast station in rural counties.

The record is clear that more affordable backhaul options are required in order to rapidly expand fixed and mobile broadband services to the many Americans living in rural areas. The TV White Spaces offer an economical solution to this need, while at the same time making productive use of spectrum that currently lies fallow. RTG urges the FCC to act promptly in the TV White Spaces proceeding so that this spectrum can be deployed for backhaul to support the many upcoming build-out deadlines for wireless spectrum in rural areas.

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