RWA Mourns the Passing of Vanu Bose

Wireless technology pioneer, rural advocate, and humanitarian Vanu Bose passed away on November 11 of a sudden pulmonary embolism at age 52. RWA’s members, board of directors, and staff mourn this tremendously difficult loss.

Bose was the founder and CEO of Vanu, Inc., a firm that provides wireless infrastructure globally. Vanu, Inc. was the first company to receive certification for software-defined radio from the Federal Communications Commission. The firm’s technology increases the role of software in operating the radio-based component of wireless communications networks, including those used for cellphone communications. Among other things, the technology enables multiple networks to operate on the same devices.

Vanu, Inc. also developed cellular antenna systems that require relatively small amounts of energy and can run on solar power. The reduction in power needed for these networks has allowed the firm to help build out networks in rural areas around the world, from India to Africa to rural America.

Bose knew what an impact his company’s technology could have in developing nations and in areas struck by natural disasters. He recently put his company’s product to work in Puerto Rico, providing more than 40 cellular base stations free of charge. Access to services provided by Vanu, Inc.’s equipment has already helped people there find their missing families.

“With Vanu Bose’s passing, we have lost a true visionary for deploying broadband to rural and remote portions of the US and the world,” said Carri Bennet, RWA’s General Counsel.  “I truly hope all who knew Vanu will work to carry out his vision of a better, more connected world.”

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