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SPATCH partners with CellCast Technologies – Offers Rural Carriers complete “End-to-End” CMAS Solution

Atlanta, GA – (10/7/2010) – SPATCH (The Hyde Company) announced today that it is collaborating with CellCast Technologies, LLC to offer a cell broadcast solution for rural and independent carriers to enable them to be compliant with the Federal Communications Commission for the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS).

CellCast Technologies, LLC provider of EAGLE Alerts™ for Message Origination and the patented CellCast Aggregator/Gateway™ that transmits alert messages in CAP v1.2 recently participated in the first successful “End-to-End” demonstration of CMAS technology in Florida. Prior to this demonstration, CellCast has successfully passed every test and evaluation from federal agencies.

SPATCH is pleased to partner with CellCast. SPATCH has already developed a proprietary Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) with a CMSP Gateway capability for rural CDMA carriers. Working closely with CellCast, SPATCH is offering a CMAS Solution for rural GSM carriers.

The CellCast “End-to-End” CMAS system will enable rural and independent wireless carriers to transmit alerts for public safety and emergency management agencies. Additionally, carriers will receive revenue by providing value-added services and from mobile marketing messages by commercial clients.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in accordance with the WARN Act of 2006, has established a timeline governing commercial deployment of CMAS by the wireless industry and alert service providers. The FCC released the CMAS architecture and standards in December 2009 and set an implementation deadline of April 2012 for commercial providers that choose to participate. CMAS is designed to allow public officials to send urgent messages to wireless users within range of a particular cellular antenna or wireless transmission system.

Media Contact: Alan Lewis, Phone: (678) 644-8407

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