Telsasoft Dashboard Enables Union Wireless to Increase Efficiencies

Minnesota-based wireless technology solutions provider, Telsasoft, is pleased to announce that it has completed a Dashboard for Union Wireless. This highly customized Dashboard monitors, in near-real-time, numerous variables on Union’s network.

“Our expanded collaboration with Telsasoft will allow us to better assess network operations,” said Tony Kelly, Director of Engineering, Union Wireless. “Our experience with Telsasoft’s Charging Data Record (CDR) features has been excellent, so turning to Telsasoft to build our Dashboard was a natural choice.”

Drawing upon decades of work serving a loyal customer base of rural and regional carriers, Telsasoft has combined wireless expertise and customer feedback to produce sophisticated software that is scalable and easy to use. The Dashboard completed for Union Wireless visualizes a variety of data including:

  • Roamer usage and subscriber usage over time per RAN technology
  • Data usage per roaming partner
  • RAN KPIs on a geographic map and over time
  • Trunk utilization
  • KPI performance and alarm correlation
  • Configurable parameters and filters

“We are pleased to continue our work with Union Wireless, a fast-growing, innovative provider that is dedicated to serving its community,” commented Chris Lexvold, COO, Telsasoft. “By adding Telsasoft’s Dashboard, Union Wireless eliminates the need to wait for and analyze aggregate data outside an acceptable range.”

“With the new Dashboard, we increase our monitoring efficiency, allowing us to more quickly identify and resolve issues for our customers,” added Kelly. “And better customer experience is what we’re all about.”

About Telsasoft
Telsasoft is a privately-held company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in 1996, Telsasoft has a 23-year record of providing telecommunications service assurance tools to support and enhance network performance and management.

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