BaiCells Joins RWA

For more information about RWA’s newest member, visit BaiCells website at

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The Chicken & Egg Spectrum Auction

Replace the term chicken with “reverse auction” and egg with “forward auction” and the result would be a classic conundrum updated to 21st century FCC-speak. Throw in the term “repacking“, as in moving the broadcasters [...]

Wireless Symposium 2015 – A Training Boot Camp for CES

International CES 2015 can be overwhelming for independent operators. In the above video, Steve Pastorkovich, VP of Training and Development for NTCA and Tanya Sullivan, CEO of RWA, explain that the Wireless Symposium, co-produced by [...]

Rural Com Show 2014 – Register by July 17 for Best Rates!

Don't wait until the last minute to sign up for the Rural Com Show! Connect With Industry Peers on the Latest in IT and Communications Trends Register today to join leading RWA/RICA wireless and wireline executives to discuss [...]

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FTC Hosts Workshop on Mobile Location Analytics & Companies Adopt Code of Conduct

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) held a workshop on Wednesday discussing mobile location analytics (MLA), which many retailers, malls, airports and other businesses use to track customer movements within and around retail stores.  MLA companies use wireless technologies to [...]

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FCC Plans to Re-Write Net Neutrality Rules

The FCC has released a Public Notice establishing a new docket called Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet within which the Commission will consider how to re-write the Net Neutrality Rules in a way that is consistent [...]

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FCC commits to enforcing net neutrality despite broadband ruling

Federal regulators will once again seek to set rules that make sure US broadband providers do not block or slow access to any lawful content on the internet. The Federal Communications Commission said on Wednesday [...]

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White House to Consider Investment in Rural Telecommunications Infrastructure

The White House has announced a new initiative, called “Made In Rural America,” that is intended to “help rural businesses and leaders take advantage of new investment opportunities and access new customers and markets abroad.” [...]

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RCA Rebrands Itself as Competitive Carrier Association

CCA’s long move away from focusing on rural issues exclusively has opened the door for other associations, namely the Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG), who now appears to hold the mantle for rural wireless issues exclusively. [...]

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Movies – and Healthcare – Via the Internet?

During a recent family gathering in rural Minnesota, I had to take a business call on my cell phone. About two sentences into the call, it failed. I tried again. Two sentences in, nothing. My [...]

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