Pario provides LTE & WCDMA Equipment with Hosted Mobile Services to Northwestern Wisconsin Carrier

Norvado Telephone launches 3G & 4G LTE Services Land O’ Lakes, Florida – August 17, 2012 - Pario Solutions, Inc., a hosted mobile services provider and GSM/UMTS/LTE Channel Partner with Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has [...]

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Webcast: LTE Technical Solutions for Rural Wireless Carriers

Sponsored by NSN and Pario Solutions May 24th, 2011 Carriers across the globe are moving ahead with plans and early deployments for 4G mobile networks based on LTE. The availability and performance of LTE components [...]

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RTG Wholeheartedly Supports FCC’s Data Roaming Decision

Washington, D.C. – The Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (RTG) is thrilled with the Federal Communications Commission’s decision earlier today to formally recognize that data roaming is a necessity for all Americans. RTG’s members can now [...]

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RTG excited that at least one member has a 3G data roaming agreement with AT&T

RTG recently responded in a letter to the FCC regarding AT&T’s March 24, 2011 ex parte acknowledging that it has entered into a 3G data roaming agreement with one of RTG’s members, CTC Telcom d/b/a [...]

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RTG: AT&T’s acquisition of Qualcomm’s spectrum widens divide between haves and have-nots

FCC's approval of the transaction must come with specific conditions The Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. (“RTG”) is deeply concerned about the anti-competitive affects of AT&T Inc.'s (“AT&T”) proposed acquisition of 700MHz spectrum from Qualcomm Inc. [...]

RTG files comments on FCC’s proposed mobility fund

Opposes the fund's use as a “bone” to rural wireless carriers to replace high-cost support The Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) filed comments yesterday regarding the FCC's proposed Mobility Fund. In its Mobility Fund NPRM, the [...]

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RTG Refutes Verizon’s Claim of Cooperation on Data Roaming Agreements with Rural Carriers

Data roaming agreements are difficult to obtain, are rarely reasonable, and rarely include 3G The Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) submitted a letter today in response to a recent Verizon Wireless (Verizon) ex parte in which [...]

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RTG refutes AT&T’s claim that data roaming is not a commercial mobile radio service

It is short-sighted to ignore the eventuality of both wholly IP-based 3G and 4G mobile networks The Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) filed comments with the FCC today refuting AT&T's claim that data roaming is not [...]

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RTG opposes discrimination by AT&T of roaming partners’ customers

RTG's General Counsel, Carri Bennet, and Wireless Technical Advisor, Mehran Nazari, met with FCC Commissioner Clyburn's wireless legal advisor to discuss whether priority access should be permissible in the context of data roaming. RTG expressed [...]

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RTG statement on inclusion of 4G services in the FCC’s proposed Mobility Fund

RTG is concerned that the FCC’s inclusion of 4G services in its proposed Mobility Fund, when many areas of the country currently lack 3G services, is overly ambitious considering the limited size of the proposed [...]

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