RTG Applauds FCC’s Release of Report on AT&T’s Proposed Takeover of T-Mobile

The Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) commends the FCC’s decision earlier today to release a comprehensive report documenting why AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile will result in public interest harms that vastly outweigh potential benefits. While [...]

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AT&T Shows Signs of Desperation in Latest Action to Avoid FCC Hearing

AT&T to Report $4B Accounting Hit; Asks FCC to Pull Applications One day after the Federal Communications Commission confirmed that it is circulating a Hearing Designation Order, AT&T and Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of [...]

November 24th, 2011|Categories: Competition, Press Releases|Tags: , , , |

Deutsche Telekom Accidentally Speaks Truth About T-Mobile Having A Future Without AT&T [Public Knowledge]

By Harold Feld on October 10, 2011 - 2:13pm Two weeks ago, Deutsche Telekom (DT) Chief Technology Officer Olivier Baujard accidentally spoke truth about T-Mobile to an audience of German investment analysts. After running through [...]

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RTG Applauds Seven Attorneys General Joining the Lawsuit Against AT&T

RTG's General Counsel, Carri Bennet, issued the following statement: "RTG applauds the attorneys general of New York, Washington, California, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania who have committed resources to challenge AT&T's proposed takeover of T-Mobile. [...]

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RTG Statement Regarding Sprint Suit to Block Proposed AT&T and T-Mobile Transaction

RTG's General Counsel, Carri Bennet, issued the following statement: “RTG fully supports Sprint Nextel’s lawsuit seeking to enjoin AT&T from taking over T-Mobile. The removal of T-Mobile from the mobile wireless marketplace is thoroughly anticompetitive, [...]

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Sprint Files Suit to Block Proposed AT&T and T-Mobile Transaction

WASHINGTON (BUSINESS WIRE), September 06, 2011 - Sprint Nextel today brought suit against AT&T, Inc., AT&T Mobility, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile seeking to block the proposed acquisition as a violation of Section 7 of the [...]

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RTG Commends Jobs Study Denouncing AT&T Claims of Job Creation from AT&T Takeover of T-Mobile

Today, David Neumark, professor of Economics and director of the Center for Economics and Public Policy at the University of California at Irvine, released an independent analysis debunking assertions made by AT&T that its proposed [...]

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RTG Applauds DOJ Action to Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Today, the Department of Justice has sued to block AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile. RTG's General Counsel, Carri Bennet, issued the following statement: "DOJ’s pre-Labor Day decision (less than 4 months after AT&T filed to acquire [...]

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AT&T Won’t Get a 5th Down

WASHINGTON – Today the Federal Communications Commission restarted its shot clock at day 83 for the AT&T/T-Mobile merger review. AT&T is on its fourth down with the fatally flawed submission of its fourth and final [...]

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FCC to AT&T: Is That Your Final Answer? (Save the Internet)

By Joel Kelsey, August 24, 2011 Last Thursday five AT&T employees and twelve of its outside attorneys, from six different firms, got on a conference call with thirty-two officials from the Federal Communications Commission and [...]

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