Alliance for Broadband Competition Statement on Verizon’s Unused Spectrum Purchase as Being in the ‘Public Interest’

The Alliance for Broadband Competition today released the following statement pointing to the misinformation being put forth in Verizon’s response to letters put forth by Representatives Markey and Conyers to the DoJ and FCC:

“A Verizon spokesman’s statement that ‘Verizon Wireless

[has] made a strong case that our purchase of unused spectrum … is in the public interest,’ contradicts the facts produced in the record. Right now, Verizon, the least efficient user of spectrum among the four nationwide carriers, sits on a unparalleled warehouse of unused spectrum, including AWS spectrum it has been sitting on, undeployed, for six years, and its nearly $5 billion of Lower 700 MHz spectrum that Verizon now plans to sell. It does not stand to reason that the public interest is served by further stocking that warehouse by providing Verizon additional spectrum to put on the shelf, when there are competitive carriers eager to deploy it immediately for 4G services. Consumers deserve better.”

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