As 700 MHz License Holders Feel the Heat From 2013 FCC Deadline, Clearsky Launches License Preservation Program to Reach 35% Requirement

ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, today announced the availability of its License Preservation Program to satisfy the FCC’s minimum build-out requirements for 700 MHz license holders. The License Preservation Program not only provides rapid and cost-effective compliance with the FCC’s stringent performance requirements, but it also sets the stage for conversion to a profitable LTE network.

700 MHz A & B license holders have less than a year to fulfill the 35% geographic coverage requirement set by the FCC. ClearSky offers a streamlined LTE solution that takes all the necessary FCC requirements into account. The centerpieces of ClearSky’s offering are a cost effective, high-performance, radio access network RAN and a hosted Evolved Packet Core EPC. The RAN is designed to simplify the build-out while yielding maximum coverage. The hosted EPC vastly reduces the total system cost and dramatically speeds service launch. To complete the program, ClearSky provides access to engineering and installation services as well as end-user devices. The License Preservation Program is a complete solution to safeguarding an expensive license investment.

ClearSky’s License Preservation Program delivers many economic benefits:

  • Volume discounts that apply to even low-volume RAN purchases.
  • Low one-time implementation fees for both the RAN and hosted EPC.
  • Nominal monthly service fees to keep the network on-air.
  • Cost-effective migration to a feature-rich, high-capacity commercial network.

“The License Preservation Program enables carriers to purchase discounted eNodeBs and a minimum configuration of the hosted LTE Services Suite Core,” said ClearSky’s SVP of Business Development, Dean Fresonke. “The benefits include greatly reduced CAPEX and OPEX, faster time to market, and unlimited scalability for the future.”

via News | Clear Sky.

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