Dickey Rural Networks Joins RTG

Founded in November 1950, Dickey Rural Telephone was created to bring telephone service to rural southeastern North Dakota. Now, as Dickey Rural Networks, it offers state-of-the-art telecommunications, Internet, and television services through four companies–Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative (the parent company), Dickey Rural Communications, Dickey Rural Services and Dickey Rural Access. These four companies are marketed as Dickey Rural Networks (DRN).

DRN headquarters are located one mile north of Ellendale, ND. DRN has satellite offices throughout its territory.

Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative serves 19 exchanges in seven North Dakota counties and two South Dakota counties. Its Board of Directors, elected to serve a three-year term and represent the different exchanges, governs DRTC.

Dickey Rural Communications, Inc. consists of 9 exchanges purchased from US West in 1996, while Dickey Rural Services, Inc. is the company, which provides high speed Internet services, as well as web hosting, web design and television service.

The most recent acquisition to the company, Dickey Rural Access, Inc., was created to bring DRN’s hometown service and technology to the businesses and residences of the Lisbon and Gwinner exchanges.

DRN is proud to be providing fiber-to-the-home in 100% of our service area. To learn more about this initiative, please watch the video below or visit ThisIsLivingWellConnected.com.

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