FCC Acknowledges Importance of Rural Voice

Reply Comment Extension Granted in T-Mobile

Data Roaming Proceeding

The FCC has granted the joint request filed by RWA, NTCA-the Rural Broadband Association and the Blooston Rural Carriers seeking an extension of the reply comment filing deadline on T-Mobile’s petition for expedited declaratory ruling regarding commercially reasonable data roaming obligations.

The original filing deadline fell in the middle of NTCA’s regional conference and just before the RWA/RICA Rural Communications show at the ITEXPO.  The Petitioners argued that an extension of the filing deadline would allow association members to discuss the issues in-person during the conferences, which would result in better informed and more thorough reply comments.

The new reply comment filing deadline is August 20, 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact Tara Shostek, RWA Regulatory Counsel, at tshostek@bennetlaw.com.


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