RTG advocates use of White Spaces

RTG, Sprint Nextel, FiberTower and WCAI recently met with met with Chairman Genachowski’s Chief Counsel and Senior Legal Advisor as well as the Deputy Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau to discuss the results of Sprint Nextel’s study of the level of incumbency in the TV Bands spectrum and highlighted the benefits of using a more granular contour-based analysis rather than a county-by-county analysis to determine available vacant TV Bands channels in rural and tribal areas. Also discussed was the proposal and process to permit limited fixed licensed use of the vacant TV Bands White Spaces in UHF Channels in rural and tribal areas to provide more cost-effective backhaul options. It was noted that Broadcast Auxiliary Service antennas and transmitters are commercially available for UHF TV channels and can be easily retuned on a cost-effective basis to other UHF channels if necessary. Click here for the ex parte.

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