RTG Calls for Hearing on Verizon Wireless/SpectrumCo/Cox AWS Transactions

On August 3, RTG filed an ex parte urging the FCC to conduct a hearing to determine whether conditions would be sufficient enough to approve Verizon Wireless’ proposed deals.  RTG noted in its ex parte that it, along with many other parties, filed a petition to deny the various applications between SpectrumCo, Cox and Verizon Wireless.  The RTG Petition concludes that Verizon and the Cable Companies fail to adequately demonstrate that their proposed transaction is in the public interest and that numerous public interest harms will result if the applications are approved without sufficient conditions or denied outright. At the very least, RTG and the various petitioners and commenters raise substantial and material questions of fact concerning the agreements between Verizon and the Cable Companies that these companies have failed to sufficiently address or rebut in the last six months. There is simply not enough information in the record for the FCC to make the determination that Verizon and the Cable Companies have met their burden of demonstrating that the transactions are in the public interest. Accordingly, RTG requested that the applications be “designated for hearing”. Click here for the ex parte.

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