RWA Immensely Disappointed to See Gigi Sohn Withdraw Her Nomination to the FCC

Washington, D.C. –  The Rural Wireless Association is extremely disappointed to see Gigi Sohn withdraw her nomination to serve as an FCC Commissioner.  RWA has continued to express its support for Ms. Sohn’s nomination due to her strong advocacy for rural consumers and commitment to closing the digital divide in addition to her vast experience and qualifications that would have made her an exceptional FCC Commissioner – one that truly serves the public interest.

Ms. Sohn has repeatedly received baseless attacks on her character and career fueled by dark money political groups that serve the individual interests of powerful cable advocates.  While these powerful dark money political groups gain a victory, the American people and specifically rural consumers will suffer the consequences.

The FCC will now continue to remain deadlocked for an indefinite time period while our country is on the cusp of implementing various broadband programs that will serve as the foundation of our broadband infrastructure for several decades.  Rural Americans will also continue to wait for broadband as the FCC sits gridlocked in attempting to fix its maps and Universal Service Programs.

RWA urges President Biden to quickly nominate another candidate that will also advocate for rural consumers so that the impediments to the timely delivery of broadband to rural communities can be addressed in swift order.

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