RWA Webcast: AWS-3 Auction Rules & Procedures

Thursday, August 7 @ 2:00 pm ET Attend RWA’s AWS-3 Auction Rules & Procedures webcast on Thursday, August 7 at 2 pm Eastern. The online event will cover the FCC’s AWS-3 Auction Procedures Public Notice, and the joint FCC/NTIA Coordination Public [...]

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RTG’s Comments Regarding the AWS H Block

RTG, The Rural Wireless Advocate, filed these comments today with the FCC. Congress has instructed the FCC to structure spectrum auctions that promote the dissemination of licenses to small businesses and rural telephone companies. Rural telephone companies, [...]

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RTG Calls for Hearing on Verizon Wireless/SpectrumCo/Cox AWS Transactions

On August 3, RTG filed an ex parte urging the FCC to conduct a hearing to determine whether conditions would be sufficient enough to approve Verizon Wireless’ proposed deals.  RTG noted in its ex parte [...]

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RTG Urges FCC to Review Verizon Wireless/Cable Company Deals In Tandem With 9 AT&T Spectrum Deals

Click here for the ex parte filed on August 2. In the ex parte, RTG urges the FCC to immediately suspend the informal 180-day review shot clocks for the Verizon Wireless/Cable Company deals until parties [...]

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RTG Questions Motive, Conditions of Verizon Spectrum Sale

Any Deal Likely to Perpetuate AT&T-Verizon Duopoly, Harm Rural Consumers Verizon Wireless’ announcement earlier today that it would voluntarily sell select 700 MHz Lower A and B Block licenses is nothing more than a calculated [...]

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RTG Files Reply Comments Regarding Verizon/SpectrumCo/Cox Spectrum Sale

On March 26th, RTG filed reply comments regarding the transactions proposed by Verizon Wireless, SpectrumCo and Cox TMI Wireless as they would cause significant harm to RTG, its members, and Americans who live, work and [...]

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RTG Files Reply Comments Regarding Verizon/Leap Spectrum Sale

In a March 12th filing, RTG continues to oppose the proposed sale of spectrum from Leap Wireless to Verizon Wireless. Verizon and Leap fail to adequately refute the adverse impact on competition and the public [...]

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RTG and Others Quote Comcast Executive in Calling for Unredacted Access to Commercial Agreements Between Verizon Wireless, SpectrumCo and Cox

"The transaction is an integrated transaction. There was never any discussion about selling the spectrum without having the commercial agreements.” In an ex parte filing with the FCC today, RTG, Media Access Project, T-Mobile, Free [...]

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Group of Concerned Parties asks FCC to “stop the clock” on Verizon Wireless, SpectrumCo and Cox

Buried in a filing late on Friday, Verizon and its cable partners defended their spectrum purchasing deal and the secretive cross-marketing agreements that go along with it. This morning a group of concerned parties, including [...]

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RTG Urges FCC to Deny Spectrum Sales from Leap, SpectrumCo and Cox to Verizon Wireless

Cites Evidence of Collusion in Cable Deals The Rural Telecommunications Group’s (RTG) has filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) two separate petitions to deny pending license sales to Verizon Wireless. RTG’s first petition to [...]

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