Chat Mobility pulls out all the stops to maintain mobility for flood victims

With Iowans scrambling to prepare for the full fury of the Missouri River flooding and more rain expected over the next ten days, wireless service will be vital to residents, businesses and emergency personnel. Mobility [...]

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We need your help! Tell congress we need a public auction of the D Block now!

Legislation has been introduced in both chambers of Congress that threatens to further increase the national deficit while delaying the construction of a nationwide, interoperable broadband network for public safety. S. 28 and H.R. 607 [...]

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Anniversary of the FCC’s Public Safety Plan

One year ago, the Federal Communications Commission laid out a proposal for creating “a cutting-edge public safety communications system” for our nation’s first responders by auctioning the D Block in order to fund the construction [...]

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RTG Petitions FCC to Deny Sale of Qualcomm’s 700 MHz Spectrum to AT&T

On March 11th, RTG petitioned the FCC to deny the proposed assignment of Qualcomm's lower 700 MHz band licenses to AT&T or in the alternative to condition any such grant in a manner that will [...]

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Ensuring Public Safety Priority Access on Shared Networks

Opponents of the FCC’s proposed D Block auction have argued that public safety requirements cannot be met in a shared commercial network environment. They claim public safety will be unable to gain priority access above [...]

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The Reliability of the Commercial Network

What is often lost in the debate over the fate of the D-Block is the proven reliability of commercial networks. Indeed a great divide exists between the perception by some in the public safety community, [...]

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Capitalizing on Commercial 4G Technology

For months, all angles of the D Block debate have been argued by public safety organizations, commercial carriers and legislators, but one issue remains unexamined -- network maintenance. If the D Block is allocated to [...]

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RTG Applauds President Obama’s Wireless Innovation and Infrastructure Initiative

The Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) heartily applauds President Obama’s announcement today introducing the Wireless Innovation and Infrastructure Initiative. In addition to releasing 500 MHz of additional spectrum for commercial use in the next decade, the [...]

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Key Report Finds No Technical Obstacles to Priority Access for Public Safety

When it comes to the ongoing debate over the fate of the D Block, many public safety officials have contended that public safety requirements could not be met in a shared network environment. Will firefighters [...]

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D Block Dialogue: Protect Rural America from an Unfunded Mandate

Public safety is a core function of local government. The vast majority of law enforcement, firefighters, emergency personnel and first responders are employed by state and local governments. Unfortunately, some in Congress support a government [...]

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