D Block Dialogue: Protect Rural America from an Unfunded Mandate

Public safety is a core function of local government. The vast majority of law enforcement, firefighters, emergency personnel and first responders are employed by state and local governments. Unfortunately, some in Congress support a government giveaway of spectrum that would pile one more unfunded mandate on our overburdened state and local governments, costing our nation’s communities billions.

According to the FCC, building an interoperable network without the auction of the D Block will not only cost public safety up to $47.7 billion over the course of 10 years, but would also force deployment towards major cities and away from “unprofitable” rural and suburban areas.

The FCC’s National Broadband Plan provides the framework for the network public safety requires, and, for the first time, a way to fund it. By dedicating the proceeds from spectrum auctions, including the “D Block,” to the build-out of the network, public safety can capitalize on the investments commercial networks have made in advanced 4G technology, saving public safety – and the American taxpayer – billions of dollars.

These cost-savings are vital to the future viability of the effort and can mean the difference between a truly nationwide, interoperable network and a patchwork of smaller, unconnected networks. Only a plan that relies on public-private partnerships – not a government-run broadband network – can ensure first responders from both large, urban areas and small, rural communities have access to the same lifesaving technologies.

About CPSN – Connect Public Safety Now, of which RTG is a member, represents a broad-based group of stakeholders working to ensure the construction of a reliable and cost-effective interoperable network for our nation’s first responders and its citizens. Connect Public Safety Now is a call to the FCC, the White House and Congress to protect the public by building the broadband network that public safety needs – now. For more information about Connect Public Safety Now, please visit us at: www.connectpublicsafetynow.org

Contact – Katie Barr – (202) 683-3114 – kbarr@qorvis.com

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