CellularOne Looks to ClearSky for Traffic and Policy Management

ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, announced the signing of a multi-year agreement with Cellular One of Northeast Arizona for Total Traffic Manager (TTM).

In order to stay competitive with tier 1 players in a 4G world, rural wireless carriers must manage their high-speed data traffic and offer a variety of creative data plans. Industry heavyweight Verizon Wireless recognized the importance of offering custom choices to subscribers; their new “Share Everything” campaign allows customers to choose from a variety of tailored plans—from 1GB for light users to 10GB for bandwidth-hungry 4G users. Using ClearSky’s TTM service, Cellular One of Northeast Arizona can capitalize on revenue opportunities while matching the data plan strategies of tier 1 competitors.

ClearSky’s TTM actively monitors and analyzes data traffic as it flows through the carrier’s network, and then generates actions based on a detailed analysis and a set of pre-configured rules. Providing real-time visibility to the various types of data traffic running through its network, TTM will allow Cellular One to identify and create new services to increase data ARPU such as:

  • Offering data plans that include a limited amount of access (e.g., 2GB for $20, then provide subscribers the ability to self-manage their data plans to purchase incremental data access).
  • Providing bronze, silver and gold tiered pricing plans based on levels of throughput.
  • Enforcing policy to prohibit non-authorized devices from accessing the carrier’s mobile data network.

“Today’s surge in data traffic will only benefit carriers who can manage and monetize the increased consumption,” said Lou Grilli, ClearSky director of product management. “ClearSky’s TTM service allows carriers to manage exponential growth in data traffic while increasing revenue from data plans.”

“By placing ClearSky’s TTM Enforcement Platform in our data stream, Cellular One can measure traffic and subscriber patterns, and perform real-time traffic and policy enforcement. The end result is the ability to identify and create new services to increase data ARPU, satisfy all subscribers including heavy users, and minimize costs of future expansion through ‘fair usage’ policies,” said Louise Finnegan, CEO of Cellular One. “We plan to give subscribers the option to “top-up” when threshold limits are reached by purchasing additional capacity. Additionally, we plan to offer tailored data plans that more closely meet our subscribers’ needs.”

About ClearSky

For more than a decade, ClearSky Technologies has been a leader in providing mobile data solutions for regional wireless carriers, enabling them to offer the same advanced technology as national carriers such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. ClearSky’s powerful array of products and services includes LTE, traffic and policy management, Multi-Generation SMS, MMS and mobile Internet gateway, along with P-SMS and carrier-branded content portals. Headquartered in Orlando, ClearSky currently provides mobile data services to more than 80 wireless operators serving 8 million subscribers across the Americas. For more information, visit www.csky.com.

About CellularOne

Cellular One www.cellularoneonline.com is a leading provider of wireless communications service committed to providing the most reliable service to its customers in rural Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Headquartered in Show Low, Ariz., Cellular One operates a network of more than 159 cell sites, with additional sites in the works, and a total of 22 stores within its coverage area—providing nearly 200 jobs in the region.

Many of the communities Cellular One serves are rural and/or situated on Native American reservations. In fact, before Cellular One arrived, telephone penetration for most regional tribal communities was roughly 27%. In cooperation with the FCC, the U.S. government, and the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and White Mountain Apache Native American Tribal Councils, today Cellular One currently provides basic cellular telephone service to approximately 80% of these rural tribal areas.

For more information, visit www.cellularoneonline.com and www.facebook.com/CellularOneOnline


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