Ninja Technologies


Contact: Benjamin Ballard, We provide a buyback solution for RMA’s, aging inventory, overstock, liquidation, damaged or defective, and 14 day return phones and tablets. We pay for every cell phone and tablet – even broken devices.



Contact: Natasha Holroyde, NICE (NASDAQ: NICE) is the worldwide leading provider of enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to make smarter decisions. NICE’s Voice of the Customer and Customer Journey Solutions bring you the power of big data to help your brand differentiate the customer experience. You’ll be able to understand your customer journeys at [...]



Headquartered in Germany, the Rosenberger group provides connectivity solutions across many industries. They have over 6200 employees worldwide with manufacturing facilities in Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Spain, USA, Brazil, China and India. With our combined global experience, let Rosenberger offer you a winning solution. In North America we are committed to bring high quality [...]



RADWIN provides a complete portfolio of sub-6 GHz point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions, while the FiberinMotion® mobility solution enables the delivery of wireless broadband for vehicles, trains and vessels on the move. Point to Multipoint: RADWIN 5000 JET: Point-to-Multipoint portfolio that incorporates a smart beamforming antenna and delivers up to 250 Mbps. The RADWIN 5000 JET [...]

Cyber Engineering Services


        Founded in November 2010 by forefront engineers of the cyber security industry, they help protect what you value the most: your DATA which is the lifeblood of your operations, growth, negotiations, valuation, international safety, homeland security, and mission success. Their experts bring deep, front-line knowledge from their time within government’s most [...]

ExteNet Systems


ExteNet enables advanced Mobile Connectivity for its customers via its Distributed Networks. ExteNet designs, owns and operates multi-carrier, often referred to as “neutral-host”, and multi-technology Distributed Networks to ensure multiple Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) can provide their 3G and 4G LTE services in the most effective and efficient manner. It creates a scalable network design utilizing its high-bandwidth fiber network [...]

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