RTG advocates use of White Spaces

RTG, Sprint Nextel, FiberTower and WCAI recently met with met with Chairman Genachowski's Chief Counsel and Senior Legal Advisor as well as the Deputy Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau to discuss the results of [...]

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RTG and others advocate use of TV White Spaces for backhaul

RTG, FiberTower, Sprint Nextel, Stanton Park Group and WCAI met with FCC Commissioner McDowell and highlighted the many benefits of authorizing limited fixed licensed use on portions of the TV White Spaces in rural areas [...]

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Wireless Strategy paper on “Lower 700 MHz Interference Management” filed with the FCC

The Coalition for 4G in America submitted a letter and paper supporting the promotion of interoperability across the entire 700 MHz Band to ensure the development of a multiband commercial and public safety device ecosystem. [...]

RTG and others submit proposal to permit use of vacant White Spaces

On September 16, RTG, FiberTower, WCAI and Sprint Nextel spoke with Rick Kaplan, Chief Counsel and Senior Legal Advisor to Chairman Genachowski on a number of issues including: a proposal to permit limited fixed licensed [...]

FCC will bank surrendered High Cost support for future use – RTG to file comments

The FCC has issued an NPRM that provides details regarding the implementation of Verizon Wireless’s and Sprint Nextel’s commitments to surrender high-cost universal service support as required by the FCC when it approved their respective [...]

RTG and others reject WISPA’s continued attempts to exclude limited licensed point-to-point backhaul operations in the White Spaces

RTG, FiberTower, Sprint Nextel and WCAI, (Coalition), refuted the latest allegations made by the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) regarding the Coalition’s proposal to permit limited fixed licensed use of a limited percentage of [...]

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4G Coalition files technical study

The Coalition for 4G in America, of which RTG is a member, filed this technical study in the active 700 MHz dockets. The signatories include: RTG, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, RCA, Xanadoo Company, Access Spectrum and [...]

White Spaces Ex Parte

On November 10, 2009, RTG, FiberTower, Sprint Nextel, Alcatel-Lucent and COMPTEL met with Paul de Sa (Chief, Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis), David Goldman (acting legal advisor to Chairman Genachowski), and Stagg Newman, [...]